Modular Homes

Modular construction provides an effective and affordable solution to tackle the housing shortage, reducing construction time, often up to 50% and increasing quality, consistency and finish of a development, allowing us to design out the typical defects and inconsistencies often found in modern construction.

Bishops Gate Developments modular homes are precision engineered in an off-site location, making them sustainable and highly energy efficient. They arrive on site virtually complete; kitchens, bathrooms, doors, ironmongery and in some cases painting and even carpets – all fitted in the factory and certified defect free

Benefits of Modular Homes


Faster build times mean reduced costs with sequential construction processes carried out simultaneously on and off-site. The stages of the build that are typically completed toward the end of a development; the fitting of kitchens and bathrooms, etc; already completed in an off-site factory location and prior to delivery.

A reduction in structural weight reduces foundation requirements and the standardisation of materials and precision manufacturing serves to reduces waste across the entire development.


A reduction in both energy and raw material requirements positively impacts the financial and environmental cost typically associated with a construction project of any kind.

Precision engineered manufacturing results in more exacting tolerances being achieved than those found in conventional construction, delivering superior insulation and thermal performance, reducing the energy costs and carbon footprint of the homeowner.

Better to the Environment

Build time often 50% less than traditional construction as less time is on-site construction time is required. Consequently, there is less noise pollution and disruption to the local area.

Furthermore, there is a significant reduction in waste material to be disposed of afterwards as all units are constructed off-site in a cleaner and more-efficient production workflow.

Discover Why Modular Construction Is The Future

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